07 - 2018

Adweek Ad of the Day

Our latest with 215 McCann for Minecraft lands on Adweek, Creativity, and The Hollywood Reporter.

06 - 2018

Aaron Beckum Scores Vimeo Staff Pick

In this dry adventure comedy, a down on his luck country/western singer tries to make it to Hollywood by driving 100 mph through the middle of the desert. Written & directed by Aaron Beckum. 

05 - 2018

Director Matt Sklar Joins Strike Anywhere

We are excited to announce Matt Sklar has joined Strike Anywhere for representation. Sklar was born in Austin, Texas then went on to graduate from Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts. He moved to LA and worked as an assistant to a producer while making short documentaries, sketches, and spec spots in his…

02 - 2018

SXSW To Premiere Michael Jacobs’ VR film ‘GFE’.

GFE is an immersive 360 experimental film featuring a high end escort. The film’s POV shifts from 3rd person to 1st person, offering an unflinching look at sex work while also forcing the viewer to confront an illicit activity. Ultimately the film seeks to explore the ever-increasing intersection of technology and pornography. Details: sxsw schedule

02 - 2018

Comedic Director Aaron Beckum Joins Strike Anywhere!

Aaron’s work is known for being highly stylized, combining Scandinavian deadpan humor with a love of 1970s slapstick comedy. Visually, it is often characterized by lo-fi practical effects and selective color palettes. Beckum often asks himself, “If I were to pull a still at any moment in the piece, would that frame stand alone as…

12 - 2017

We Helped LYFT Say ‘Thanks’

This holiday season, Lyft showed a token of appreciation to a few special drivers whose names they’ve heard from passengers. Strike Anywhere worked directly with Lyft to shine a light on the stories of drivers Paloma and Lamont, and thank them for their incredible acts of service and kindness. The film “Thank you, Paloma” features…