Grand Clio Win with 215 McCann for Minecraft

01 - 2019

215 McCann tapped Strike Anywhere and director Michael Jacobs for their Minecraft Coral Crafters project. Resulting in millions of earned views and a 2018 Clio Entertainment Grand award.

Tim Nudd included the film in Muse by Clio’s 18 Great Ads that weren’t ads at all.

“Increasingly, this is the mandate for marketers: To make engaging content that doesn’t look or feel like a sales pitch. To create a piece of music, or a game, or a movie. To give people what they want, even if they don’t know they want it—something so valuable, they choose it for themselves.

The 18 campaigns below did that. They might not look like advertising, and that’s the point. And they’re all the better for it.”


18 Great Ads that Weren’t Ads at All