Michael Jacobs’ new 30 for 30 premieres at Tribeca

05 - 2017

The spectacular rise and fall of the International Professional Volleyball Association, which existed between 1975–1980 complete with “party lifestyle,” rocking arena matches and stars on the court and in the stands, is chronicled in this Michael Jacobs-directed film. This is Jacobs’ third 30 for 30 for ESPN. His keen eye for story and love of sport serve to make this film a highly entertaining and surprising romp. Bump and Spike premiered at Tribeca 2017 in the shorts program and will air later this year on ESPN.

Strike Anywhere helps Facebook Launch New Camera System

05 - 2017

Facebook launched a new in-app camera that is packed with dozens of effects to help you share your story with style.

You can access camera by tapping the camera icon in the top left corner of the Facebook app, or swipe right from News Feed. You’ll be able to apply masks, frames or effects like falling now, special movie partner effects or one of a kind effects from well known artists. The effects will change and be updated on a regular basis, you can even create your own.

You’ll be able to share your photos and videos directly to selected friends, or broadcast to all your friends in the stories section, at the top of app.

The launch content was incubated and executed by Strike Anywhere’s creative studio. The videos landed millions of unique global impressions during the first week of launch across social media and traditional media outlets.

Ryan Simon’s documentary The Black Jacket, now available on Netflix.

05 - 2017

The Black Jacket focuses on radical peace practitioner and former Black Panther Aquil Basheer who trains students, many of whom are ex-gang members, to anticipate and diffuse violent and dangerous situations. Basheer’s organization PCITI (Professional Community Intervention Training Institute) is based in South LA. Currently Basheer is working to bring the program to other cities in need. Statistics show that gang crime in LA is down substantially over the past five years, and the LAPD credits PCITI as strong partner in the process of violence reduction.

“Graduates from the program walk away with a broad set of universal skills to reduce violence and rebuild communities” Simon says. “But they also learn something unique and specific about themselves that turns them into agents for change in their own homes, workplaces, neighborhoods and cities.”

The film is available to stream on Netflix.

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LA Weekly

Aquil Basheer recently brought the Professional Intervention Training Institute to Newark through a partnership with Aqeela Sherrills Ras J. Baraka and Rutgers University to reduce street crime with continuing education and training. To bring positive change to Newark through the hard work of trained community interventionists.

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