Who is Michael Jang? Directed by Michael Jacobs

05 - 2024

“Who Is Michael Jang” premieres at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco on May 30th as part of SF Doc Fest’s opening night. 🎞️ SF Chronicle has the first look at the film.

Directed by Michael Jacobs of Strike Anywhere, “Who Is Michael Jang” is a captivating journey into the life and work of the enigmatic photographer Michael Jang. From capturing iconic moments in San Francisco’s history to exploring the complexities of identity and belonging, the film bears witness to Jang’s reacquaintance with his younger self through decades-old images that resonate with vital new meaning today. It’s an honor to show this documentary at such a legendary festival for its 23rd year. Learn more via SF docfest.

‘Who Is Michael Jang?’ reveals the life of a prolific San Francisco photographer

Strike Anywhere’s Company Profile in Little Black Book

05 - 2024

At Strike Anywhere, collaboration is key and as the industry landscape shifts, we’re embracing experimentation and leveraging emerging technologies to elevate our craft.

Co-founder Ryan Simon highlights our mission: breaking the mold, experimenting with storytelling, and creating high-impact visuals. From early projects like Meta’s branded content to award-winning features, our DNA is built on innovation and meaningful partnerships. Looking ahead to the rest of 2024, we’re excited to reboot projects, explore new creative horizons, and continue pushing the boundaries of storytelling. Learn more via Little Black Book.

2024 Clios!

04 - 2024

The touch-down Tubi campaign “Interface Interruption,” has scooped up two Gold and two Bronze Clio’s! Check out the list below. Congratulations to everyone’s creative achievements at The Clios.

2 X Gold 🏅 Tubi – “Interface Interruption” Directed by Pete Marquis – Direct, Film and Media, Film
2 X Bronze 🥉 Tubi – “Interface Interruption” Directed by Pete Marquis – Public Relations, Single Market and Brand Development

Webby Nominations!

03 - 2024

The 28th Annual Webby Awards have been announced and we’re beaming to see SIX works created by the Strike Anywhere team included in the nominations alongside an immense amount of talent. Check out the list below and visit The Webby Awards link to cast your votes by April 18!

Duolingo – “Love Language” directed by Pete Marquis is nominated for Best Video Campaign, Products & Services, and Best Use of Earned Media.
Atlassian – “Impossible Alone” directed by Andrew Batista is nominated in the Public Service & Activism category.
Lucky Lyft directed by Emily Anderson and produced by Strike Anywhere is an honoree in the new series category.
Tubi – “Interface Interruption” directed by Pete Marquis is nominated in Brand Strategy and Best Viral PR Campaign.
Anytime Fitness – “Train for your Life” directed by Pete Marquis is nominated in the Promotions & Contests category.
Orchard Valley Harvest – “No Nut November” directed by Pete Marquis is an honoree in the Social Category.


Akil Gibbons talks filmmaking with Shots

02 - 2024

“Filmmaking is a team sport. It takes cohesive action and folks playing different positions to achieve a shared goal. I love that direction requires you to build an understanding and respect for each person at each step of the filmmaking process.”

Akil Gibbons shares his insights on exceptional filmmaking and the industry’s dynamic landscape for Shots “Peer Review” series.

Reflecting on influential works, Akil highlights three films that exemplify great direction and the joy of creating shared experiences that inform, inspire, and emotionally connect with viewers globally. Learn more via Shots.

Opendoor Super Bowl campaign with Mischief

01 - 2024

Opendoor Super Bowl campaign is underway. Pete Marquis is back with Mischief for another Super Bowl Muse has all the details. Sell a home during halftime? No problem.

As We Speak – Sundance Reviews, Trailer, and Pararmount+ Release Date

01 - 2024

Paramount+ drops As We Speak trailer on the heels of glowing reviews at Sundance.

Early takes from Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and Rolling Stone, plus a live Q&A with LA Times’ Matt Brennan prime audiences for the As We Speak premiere on Paramount+ February 27th.

“There probably isn’t a timelier Sundance premiere right now than As We Speak, an eye-opening documentary […] Powerful commentary is provided by L.A. criminal defense lawyer Alexandra Kazarian […] Harper lends an attentive ear to the various subjects Kemba interviews […] this revealing documentary shows how, when it comes to hip-hop, prosecutors across America have been conveniently refusing to distinguish one from the other.” – Hollywood Reporter

“The film editor of the Emmy-nominated series “Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy” has made a willfully creative work that mimics the ways rap can be intimately observational, seemingly confessional even, but is also a feat of artistic expression.” – Variety

Anytime Fitness and Mischief – Train for Your Life

12 - 2023

Anytime Fitness returns post Super Bowl to encourage you to “Train for Your Life.” Developed with Mischief @ No Fixed Address and directed by Pete Marquis, the campaign emphasizes realistic fitness achievements over extreme goals. The spots reunite Mischief, Marquis, and spokesperson Arnell Powell. Read more about the campaign on Adweek.

Ad of the Year – Tubi “Interface Interruption”

12 - 2023

Tubi “Interface Interruption” directed by Pete Marquis lands on Ad Age, Campaign Magazine, Adweek, and other notable creative and marketing lists for ad of the year.

Banner year for AWESOME + modest

12 - 2023

Strike Anywhere repped animation studio AWESOME + modest created animated content for a number of high-profile documentary projects, including the feature film “Stamped from the Beginning for Netflix. Other notable projects include “The Stroll” for HBO, and Hulu, NY Times, and Showtime.

Generative AI with Google Cloud

12 - 2023

Mike Malagon directed a series of films for Google’s Cloud AI Summit. The films for Forbes, Turning, and Snap highlight incredible AI applications for each business.

Koala for Steakmas

12 - 2023

Pete Marquis directed Outback Steakhouse’s latest campaign Koala on the Walla developed by Mischief, that ties in with the Australian holiday “Steakmas.” The overly observant koala character judges people’s behavior to decide if they deserve steak for Christmas. Read more about the campaign with this feature from Muse by Clio.

Sundance in Competition

11 - 2023

Strike Anywhere will debut its latest documentary feature film, As We Speak, in competition at Sundance.

Bronx rap artist Kemba explores the growing weaponization of rap lyrics in the United States criminal justice system and abroad — revealing how law enforcement has quietly used artistic creation as evidence in criminal cases for decades.

Directed by J.M. Harper, this sophisticated and immersive journey merges style and substance, boldly weaving through a web of issues, and ultimately shining a light on the First Amendment, provoking crucial questions about whom it protects.

No Nut November

11 - 2023

Pete Marquis is back with Terri & Sandy directing the only campaign that wants young men to refrain from refraining this November, at least when it comes to snacking. Check out Tim Nudd’s deep dive on the work on AdAge.

Akil Gibbons directs powerful Udemy film

10 - 2023

Building Opportunity is the latest campaign directed by Akil Gibbons for Udemy. This film takes place in the community of learner-turned-educator Vital and follows his story alongside instructor Chris as they open their co-founded school in Vital’s hometown of Magu, Rwanda. Read more about the film and ongoing series for Udemy in this Shots feature.

Tinder Message for Scammers

10 - 2023

Tinder, Mischief, and Pete Marquis unpack World Romance Scam Prevention Day—with help from Jonathan Bennett, an expert in toxic behavior since starring as Aaron Samuels in 2004’s “Mean Girls.”

The spot features Bennett talking about online fraudsters posing as potential love interests.

Bennett has a pretty blunt message for these scammers at the end. Watch to hear the message and read more on this campaign on Ad Age.

Academy Awards turns Gold for Erica Eng

09 - 2023

Erica Eng’s has been selected as the US recipient of the Academy Gold Fellowship for Women! A prestige program for emerging female filmmakers, Erica will be the recipient of a grant and eight months of one-on-one mentorship as she develops her feature.

Sizzler & Rambler Summer

08 - 2023

A true summer pairing. Sizzler is back with Jodie Sweeten, a campaign from Mischief, directed by Pete Marquis. Adweek, Muse, and People had something to say about this one. Rambler found the spot after many countless location scouts for the perfect tubing river. Check out the spot on Shots.

Andrew Batista makes Impossible Alone films for Atlassian

08 - 2023

Andrew Batista directed two films for Atlassian’s Impossible Alone film series. See the powerful debut film about a life saved and the power of cloud collaboration featured on Shots.

Erica Eng Award & Premiere Announced

07 - 2023

Erica Eng continues to make waves on the festival circuit. After debuting at Tribeca, Off Fairfax picked up the best episodic award at Bentonville Film Festival. Up next, Erica will debut her Disney Launchpad short film The Ghost at HollyShorts before the film streams on Disney+ and Hulu.

Six Cannes Lions!

06 - 2023

Pete Marquis directed two Super Bowl campaigns for Mischief and both came back with Cannes Lions. Tubi -Interface Interruption won a gold, two silver, and two bronze lions. Anytime Fitness – Fitness Anytime won a bronze lion. Bravo to our partners at Mischief and the many amazing humans that helped from beginning to end on these award winning campaigns!

See the Tubi case study here.

Mahomes & Mischief with a Bear

06 - 2023

A year after The Coors Light took the internet by storm, the team is back with Coors Light Bear. Pete Marquis directed the campaign that caused social media rumors to swirl about Travis Kelce being the bear. Read more about a day in the life with Mahomes and his bear friend in Ad Age, Sports Illustrated, and Forbes.

Coors Light – AICP Next Award

06 - 2023

Pete Marquis directed The Coors Light with Patrick Mahomes scores AICP Next Award!

Akil Gibbons premieres Harlem is Nowhere

06 - 2023

Harlem Is Nowhere — an experimental documentary essay inspired by the visions of Gordon Parks and Ralph Ellison is a reflection on the development and later gentrification of Black Harlem. Written and directed by Akil Gibbons. The film premiered at Harlem International Film Festival.

Orchard Valley has a new nut

05 - 2023

Terri & Sandy tapped Pete Marquis to bring Orchard Valley’s mouthless mascot to life. Check out campaign highlights on Shots.

Andrew Batista joins Strike Anywhere

05 - 2023

Shots shares all about director Andrew Batista who kicks off with campaigns for Square, US Army, and Atlassian upon joining with Strike Anywhere for US representation.

One Show Announces 8 Shortlist Nominations for Coors Light, Tubi, Miller, and Anytime Fitness

04 - 2023

Pete Marquis directed campaigns with Mischief for Coors Light, Tubi, Milled and Anytime Fitness shortlisted for eight One Show awards.

Andrew Batista directs national Army campaign

04 - 2023

Debuting during the NCAA finals the rousing campaign defines ‘Be All You Can Be’ for a new generation. Now running globally in theaters, broadcast, and social, the spots were brought to life by DDB and filmmaker Andrew Batista. Catch one of the powerful spots here.

Peacock’s Love Language Breakthrough

04 - 2023

Duolingo got together with Peacock to get a lot of dating reality show junkies excited on April Fools.It was covered everywhere from People to Adweek. Here’s what Variety had to say.

Pete Marquis directed EOS campaign marks an evolution for men’s shaving

03 - 2023

Pete Marquis and Mischief join forces for EOS and Muse had some very nice words for all involved.

Ilana Glazer Miller Lite campaign

03 - 2023

Alma agency teamed up with Illana Glazer and Miller Lite to shed light on how things were and how things should be when it comes to the history of beer and advertising. From the trades, to entertainment, and culture, people were definitely talking about this one.

Why Spend $7M? Anytime Fitness Got a Super Lift Without a Big Game Ad

02 - 2023

Mischief’s Anytime Fitness campaign played big ahead of and during the Super Bowl. Check out Muse by Clio’s piece about the creative work and winning results.

Erica Eng directs Short of the Week

02 - 2023

There are many who believe rap legend Tupac Shakur lives on, a conspiracy that is explored, with humorous and dramatic effect, in Erica Eng’s six-minute short Off Fairfax. The film debuted as Short of the Week; kicked off at Tribeca Film Festival and continues to screen at festivals around the world.

Tubi Interrupts Super Bowl LVII

02 - 2023

Director Pete Marquis is back in cahoots with Mischief to interrupt Super Bowl LVII with this years most talked about spot for Tubi.

From Snoop Dogg to worried moms, this instant big game classic became head turning gold as social media chatter and memes galore bounced from living rooms and bars to Twitter and TikTok.

Earned media impressions jumped by the millions overnight with pickups by Huffington Post, CNN, Hollywood Reporter, The Today Show, and just about every local news channel with a big game summary.

Ad Age breaks it down.

Best Ad of the Year

12 - 2022

Topping 2022 The Coors Light is landing on Adweek’s top 30 ads of the year. Bravo to Coors and Mischief we had a lot of fun with this one!

Erica Eng rolls in South Africa with BBDO

12 - 2022

Dogs, family, friends, at home and in the great outdoors! Director Erica Eng travelled to South Africa with BBDO to bring the love shared between owners and pets to life for a new broadcast campaign.

Ad of the Day – Murder a bloomin’ onion lately? Destroy the Evidence!

12 - 2022

Destroy the Evidence for Outback Steakhouse is Ad of the Day. This playful spot riffs on Netflix’s Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery key themes, with a dark comedic twist.

A high-intensity murder takes place at an Outback Steakhouse – the victim, being, of course, well, you’ll have to watch to find out.

AWESOME + modest joins Strike Anywhere

10 - 2022

We’re thrilled to welcome the talented and exceptional AWESOME + modest group to Strike Anywhere. Read all about their work, ethos, accolades, and our future together in shots.

Clio for a flashlight?

10 - 2022

Diretor Pete Marquis and Mischief bring home a Clio for The Coors Light starring Patrick Mahomes.

Square(d) with Strike Anywhere filmmakers

09 - 2022

Strike Anywhere directors Andrew Batista and Akil Gibbons helmed back to back projects for Square. Catch one of Square’s first broadcast spots from the campaign aimed at the Latin market in the United States here. Directed by Andrew Batista.

Patrick Mahomes Endorses Coors…Flashlights in Newest Pete Marquis Promo

07 - 2022

Pete Marquis and Mischief team up yet again, this time to deliver a perfectly executed lightbulb moment. Marquis directs Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes in the minute-long Coors campaign which cleverly sideskirts the NFL’s longstanding policy that players cannot endorse alcohol products. Instead, Mahomes wants to sell you a flashlight. A definitely-and-totally-not-a-beer flashlight. Great for cracking open during a camping trip with friends! AdWeek found the wordplay-workaround quite refreshing, making it their Ad of the Day.

r/findyourpeople: Pete Marquis Directs Reddit’s First U.S. Campaign for R/GA

07 - 2022

Reddit has long considered themselves the ‘front page of the internet.’ And in their first-ever U.S. campaign directed by Pete Marquis, the platform showcases how it’s also the place to find your people. Picking up an AdAge Editor’s Pick for the R/GA collaboration, Pete reveals how Reddit is the place to find like-minded folk for whatever community, niche or quick you’re into, including but not limited to dress-up…..er, Cosplay.

Messaging for Meta

06 - 2022

For Meta, Strike Anywhere was tapped to create a globe and metaverse-trotting film. Showcasing the power that messaging on Instagram, Messenger, and WhatApp provides to growing businesses and the people who love to share, shop, and smile with friends, family, and co-workers. The film headlined Meta’s Conversations conference, setting the tone and vision for Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote.

Mike Malagon imagines the future of cheese

06 - 2022

Change Foods is on a mission to re(create) real dairy foods that delight the taste buds, nourish people and sustain the planet, by using the magic of microbes instead of animals. This revolutionary brand story is brought to life by director Mike Malagon.

Ad Age Honors Erica Eng’s Americanized for Creative Excellence

05 - 2022

Ad Age first encountered the work of director Erica Eng a few years ago among the honored films featured in the Commercial Directors Diversity Program from the DGA and the AICP.

In the article, for Ad Age’s Celebration of Creative Excellence for AAPI Heritage Month, Eng shares her short film “Americanized,” which last year earned numerous accolades, from festivals including the Palm Springs International ShortFest, Geena Davis’s Bentonville Film Festival and Cinequest, the latter which gained the film entry into competition for the 2022 Oscars.

AICP Awards – Pete Marquis for Miller with Mischief

05 - 2022

Pete Marquis’ Launching a Seltzer continues to pick up awards momentum. AICP Awards announced their shortlist for Humor spots. Bravo to everyone involved in getting Seltzer’s off this planet and making more room for beer!

Pete Marquis Mischief and Miller score a Clio

04 - 2022

Award season kicks off with Launching a Seltzer directed by Pete Marquis winning a Clio. Miller shared their real feelings about the seltzer craze by launching one of their own – straight into space.

Erica Eng’s Off Fairfax set to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

04 - 2022

Erica Eng is heading to Tribeca for the world premiere of Off Fairfax. Rell Battle wrote and stars in Off Fairfax alongside Michael Blaustein, Teddy Ray, and Ozioma Akagha. It was directed by Erica Eng and produced by Robert Love and Terrence Battle.

Level Playing Field Emmy Nomination

04 - 2022

HBO’s Level Playing Field directed by Akil Gibbons with Mike Jacobs as showrunner is nominated for an Emmy! Akil’s episode explores the intersection of sports, race, and social policy through the story of “Midnight Basketball,” the youth program born out of President Clinton’s 1994 crime bill to help keep youth off the streets and away from drugs and crime. Additional Season One episodes include Misclassified, Down the Backstretch, and The Assist.

Erica Eng partners with Traina for Stater Bros.

04 - 2022

Erica Eng weaves personal stories together to showcase the generational value Stater Bros. brings to its community and customers. This broadcast campaign is made in partnership with Traina and a group of amazing collaborators who joined together to take these spots from script to screen.

Mike Malagon film for Square

04 - 2022

New film work for Square, directed by Mike Malagon. Shot on location in Ohio, this film explores Square’s support of providing better infrastructure to the healthcare industry.

Pete Marquis and Mischief get ‘a little outdoorsy’ for Article – Ad Age Editor’s Pick

03 - 2022

Ad Age’s Agency of the Year, Mischief and director Pete Marquis get back in the saddle for furniture brand Article. The spots remind everyone that there is a better way to get outdoors than climbing a mountain or arguing with your friends about which way is north.

Pete & Mischief’s “Be a little outdoorsy” broadcast campaign was named Editor’s Pick by Ad Age.

Erica Eng and Formerly Known As team for McAfee

03 - 2022

New spot work for McAfee directed by Erica Eng and made with agency Formerly Known As to highlight the value of online security in your home.

Erica Eng selected for Disney’s Launchpad Season 2

02 - 2022

Erica Eng is one of six directors selected for Disney’s Launchpad Season 2. Her short is set to debut on Disney+ in 2023. Read all about Erica’s film and the program in Variety

Akil Gibbons wins Gold and Silver at Inaugural Anthem Awards

02 - 2022

Akil Gibbons directed film campaigns for Mastercard and AT&T that won Gold and Silver respectively at this year’s Anthem Awards.

For more details and to see the award winning work check out the Anthem Awards for Mastercard One Billion and Beyond and AT&T Forces of Change

Erica Eng’s “Americanized” Continues Storming the Festival Circuit Towards Oscar Qualification

09 - 2021

Erica Eng is getting used to the step and repeat life! Her short film Americanized continues to pick up steam on the festival circuit. Picking up awards Bentonville, Cinequest, and Palm Springs, Erica is now qualified to be nominated for Best Narrative Short at the upcoming Academy Awards. Until then, you can catch the film on the big screen during its New York premiere at UrbanWorld Festival this Friday, October 1 at the Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas in Chelsea.

Ad of the Day! Fast-Food Mascots Sue Over Accidental Veganism in Pete Marquis’ Hilarious Alpha Foods Spot

09 - 2021

Vegan food so tasty it’s sending fast-food icons into an existential crisis! Light is finally being shed on accidental veganism in this smart and hilarious pro-plant spot directed by Pete Marquis for Alpha Foods. A cheesy (non-dairy) lawyer is the perfect foil for this bit, leading the Mischief-created spot to be named Ad of the Day by Adweek.

Akil Gibbons Directs Pilot Episode of HBO’s Level Playing Field, Executive Produced by Mike Jacobs

09 - 2021

Akil Gibbons directs and produces the pilot episode of Level Playing Field, the new four-part sports docu-series from HBO Sports and Vox Media Studios. With Mike Jacobs as showrunner, the series explores sports stories through the lens of social equity. Kicking off the program and earning a highlight in Forbes, Akil explores the intersection of sports, race, and social policy through the story of “Midnight Basketball,” the youth program born out of President Clinton’s 1994 crime bill to help keep youth off the streets and away from drugs and crime.

Pete Marquis’ Rocket Stunt Launches Miller to AdAge’s List of Top 5 Creative Brand Ideas

06 - 2021

Not one to ‘hop’ on the bandwagon, Miller shared their real feelings about the seltzer craze by launching one of their own – straight into space. The Pete Marquis-directed ad stunt sparked worthy praise from consumers and press alike, being called ‘perhaps the bravest brand idea of the week’ by AdAge, alongside nods from AdWeek, Muse by Clio, and many others.

Akil Gibbons directed films highlight Open Mindedness on LinkedIn

06 - 2021

Akil Gibbons goes one-on-one with LinkedIn, gathering insight and morsels of wisdom from a range of real-life businesspeople.

Pete Marquis Leads Earthlings to Build an #OREOOffering

06 - 2021

From a mysterious crop circle on a farm in Kansas, Pete Marquis leads OREO fans to build a peace offering for some extraterrestrial visitors. Muse by Clio featured the #OREOOffering saga (thankfully, the aliens accepted) Turns out they are are also fans of Earth’s number one cookie.

Erica Eng’s Short Film “Americanized” Screening at 2021 Palm Springs International Shortfest

06 - 2021

Erica Eng’s Oscar-qualified short film “Americanized” will be playing Palm Springs International ShortFest this year, screening as part of the “Outsiders & Underdogs” program. See you there on Saturday, June 26th at 5:30pm PT in the Camelot Theaters! 🌴 #shortfest2021

Pete Marquis & Mischief Sending A Seltzer to Space

05 - 2021

We’re helping Miller Genuine Draft launch a seltzer ‘into oblivion’! Check out the Adweek feature on director Pete Marquis’ latest project with Mischief!

Erica Eng Scratches a Winning Spot for the Virginia Lottery

05 - 2021

Erica captures the thrill and joy of everyday wins in her latest spot for the Virginia Lottery, a fun collaboration with Richmond-based ad agency We Are Yebo.

Pete Marquis Crafts a Cheeseburger Love Story for Wendy’s

05 - 2021

Bourbon and beef, baby. Pete conjures the romance between an always timeless pairing for Wendy’s via

Hey Netflix, Play Something – Pete Marquis Reveals the Streaming Giant’s Latest Feature

04 - 2021

Pete Marquis, you’re making the rest of us look lazy! Recently the Strike Anywhere director (and workaholic) linked up with the world’s leading streaming entertainment service (and everyone’s favorite actor Will Arnett) to unveil Play Something: an intuitive new feature that finds the perfect thing to watch based on what you love.

Brian Baumgartner & Matt Sklar team up for National Chili Day

03 - 2021

Director Matt Sklar and Edelman unveil Brian Baumgartner’s solution to the best national chili day for Bush’s Beans. The work and a discussion with Brian was featured on AdAge

Erica Eng Lunar New Year Film for Panda Express with The Many

02 - 2021

Los Angeles agency The Many tapped director Erica Eng to create a film that celebrates the traditions of Lunar New Year with Panda Express through the experience of good food, family and togetherness, especially those who might be unfamiliar with the holiday. Read Ad Age Creativity Editor’s Pick about the project.

Marvel’s Behind the Mask directed by Michael Jacobs drops trailer & release date!

02 - 2021

Set for release February 12th on Disney+ details emerge from Marvel about our exciting new film. Watch the trailer for Behind the Mask directed by Michael Jacobs.

Ryan Simon directs Dear Mr. President Short Film

01 - 2021

Producer Clair McGirr launches Dear Mr. President to showcase a series of Motion Poems films. The showcase includes award-winning filmmaker and poet collaborations from all over the world.

Ryan Simon’s Everyday interprets Los Angeles poet laureate Robin Coste Lewis’ words to life in this moving film.

Akil Gibbons Forces of Change for AT&T

01 - 2021

Akil Gibbons debuts new episodes for AT&T series Forces of Change about the Black Scientific Renaissance. This series examines how society can create systems that uplift historically marginalized groups and posits that doing so can lead to breakthroughs that have the power to change the world.

Pete Marquis rolls out SpaceJam2

12 - 2020

Adweek features director Pete Marquis’ latest project SpaceJam2.com

We can’t tell you more, you must experience it for yourself!

Akil Gibbons joins Strike Anywhere

11 - 2020

Shots showcases Akil Gibbons and we’re thrilled to continue working with him. “With a background in work for studios and networks, Gibbons’ powerfully affecting films educate and inspire while earning tens of millions of online views.”

Strike Anywhere, Tan France and Facebook give Small Business a Boost

11 - 2020

Strike Anywhere worked with Tan France and Facebook to help businesses across the UK. Garnering millions of impressions across Facebook Watch, IGTV, and YouTube —  Boost My Business highlights smart ways to grow and reach new customers.

Erica Eng rolls with Nina Dobrev for Activia

09 - 2020

Nina Dobrev, Daybreaker, and Activia kicked off a virtual dance party. Erica directed spots to announce the event and global initiative.

Erica Eng on Shots

08 - 2020

Shots highlight Erica Eng’s career highlights to date and her signing with Strike Anywhere. “Eng is known for crafting visually dramatic films that feel powerful, rhythmic and emotionally charged.”

Erica Eng directs The Measure of Greatness for P&G

08 - 2020

#LeadwithLove campaign for Procter and Gamble directed by Erica Eng. The Measure of Greatness tells the stories of exceptional athletes who are leading their communities – not through their athletic performances, but through their compassion, humanity and love.

Truly Campaign with Goodby Silverstein & Partners

07 - 2020

Truly summer broadcast campaign rolls out with Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Look out for all the spots directed by Malia James.

Vanity Fair, CNN, Forbes, and more all in for Blackballed

06 - 2020

“Miss The Last Dance? Blackballed is one of a number of sports-focused documentaries available for fans in the wake of the Michael Jordan event series. It’s also the best.” – Vanity Fair

“As The Last Dance ends, Blackballed signals the NBA’s evolution as a cultural force.” – CNN

“New Blackballed Documentary Shows The Importance Of Athletes Speaking Up.” – Forbes

Brilliant Blackballed Review – Chicago Sun-Times

05 - 2020

Blackballed premieres today on Quibi. Read Richard Roeper’s review in Chicago Sun-Times. “director Michael Jacobs does a brilliant job of revisiting the Sterling scandal in a rear view lens providing invaluable context.”

Michael Jacobs directs Blackballed for Quibi

11 - 2019

Blackballed, an unscripted series for Quibi moves forward with director Michael Jacobs.

Banana Republic Wins at LAFF ’19

10 - 2019

The Los Angeles Film Festival 2019 recently awarded Best Cinematography to the No Boundaries work for Banana Republic. Much deserved for Director Keenan Newman and DP Devin Whetstone. See the full listings here.

New Wrangler Work

09 - 2019

We had a rock n’ roll good time shooting this with Mother NY at the Standard Hotel on the Highline.

Ryan Simon Shares for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

07 - 2019

This feel-good campaign focuses on friends and loved ones sharing a sip of CBTL while enjoying summer.

Matt Sklar Highlights Local Alerts for Facebook

06 - 2019

Facebook’s Local Alerts feature helped residents get information during the floods in Northern California. This piece shot on location in Sonoma County tells their story.

Ryan Simon Brings It Home for Unison

05 - 2019

Director Ryan Simon was tapped by agency Cutwater for their first work with Unison. A new type of FinTech company helping people buy homes.

Matt Sklar Celebrates First Responders for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

05 - 2019

A community celebrates those who keep it safe in this new work from Matt Sklar. Click through to watch.

Minecraft Coral Crafters Scores a Webby

03 - 2019

Strike Anywhere’s Mike Jacobs directed the piece for 215 McCann in Cozumel, Mexico. The project to regrow coral in collaboration with Minecraft has been hugely successful and continues to grow today. It won the corporate responsibility category.

Kevin Batten’s Pop Arts Signs On

03 - 2019

Kevin Batten and his team have signed on to represent Strike Anywhere in the West Coast. Kevin’s unique background in producing, VFX and sales make him the quintessential Director’s rep. He respects and understands the creative goals of projects, and is able to connect with both the creatives and producers integral in the sales cycle. We couldn’t be happier to be working with this team! Check out the full roster of Pop Arts here.

Toast 2 Featured on Shots

02 - 2019

It’s National Toast Day friends. Let’s celebrate. And eat toast. Watch the film here.

Grand Clio Win with 215 McCann for Minecraft

01 - 2019

215 McCann tapped Strike Anywhere and director Michael Jacobs for their Minecraft Coral Crafters project. Resulting in millions of earned views and a 2018 Clio Entertainment Grand award.

Tim Nudd included the film in Muse by Clio’s 18 Great Ads that weren’t ads at all.

“Increasingly, this is the mandate for marketers: To make engaging content that doesn’t look or feel like a sales pitch. To create a piece of music, or a game, or a movie. To give people what they want, even if they don’t know they want it—something so valuable, they choose it for themselves.

The 18 campaigns below did that. They might not look like advertising, and that’s the point. And they’re all the better for it.”

18 Great Ads that Weren’t Ads at All

12 - 2018

Matt Sklar lands Vimeo Staff Pick

12 - 2018

Strike Anywhere Director Matt Sklar lands a Vimeo Staff Pick for his latest film Toast 2 After the Burn. Congrats to Matt and all his toasty collaborators.

For a deeper dive, Laughing Squid highlights the original film and the sequel.

NY Times Highlights Medicine for Melancholy

11 - 2018

Our first feature film Medicine for Melancholy is a continually lauded film and part of the Strike Anywhere origin story. NY Times provides a look back at how Barry Jenkins, James Laxton, and Justin Barber along with other talented collaborators from Florida State University and San Francisco came together ten years ago to bring Barry’s vision to screens around the world.

Banana Republic Fall Campaign with Keenan Newman

09 - 2018

Banana Republic debuts their new fall collection. The campaign kicks off with films directed by Keenan Newman. The visual feast was created by a talented globe-trotting team. Dubbed “No Boundaries” these spot and web films artfully showcase the brand’s latest fashion.

Victoria Guenier Joins Strike Anywhere

08 - 2018

We’ve proudly added award-winning production guru Victoria Guenier as Managing Director. Leading the charge, Guenier will continue to cultivate the robust creative environment we call home, developing our directorial roster and acting as a conduit between client and talent.

Guenier believes the future is Strike Anywhere, saying, “Here I see the opportunity to use my years of experience to push our field forward with vibrant young talent. They understand how to tell the stories that motivate the satiation of human needs. Our filmmakers have deep passion, creative excellence and tenacity to get projects done, big or small.”

Minecraft Adweek Ad of the Day

07 - 2018

Our latest with 215 McCann for Minecraft lands on Adweek, Creativity, and The Hollywood Reporter. Adweek Ad of the Day. Directed by Michael Jacobs, the film showcases Minecraft’s efforts to help coral reefs by engaging their builder community. Score one for mother ocean!

Minecraft: Ad of the Day

06 - 2018

First Showing highlights Ryan Simon directed film

05 - 2018

Sublime Poetry-Inspired Short Film ‘Every Day’ directed by Ryan Simon debuted with Motionpoems traveling film series. First Showing dives into the film.

“This is a short film with a purpose – to help spread awareness and bring attention to the adversity and challenges different people face in society. Every Day is a simple but meaningful short film inspired by a lovely poem by Robin Coste Lewis, first published in the NY Times in 2017.”

Motionpoems is a non-profit organization that is bringing poems to life.

Director Matt Sklar Joins Strike Anywhere

05 - 2018

We are excited to announce Matt Sklar has joined Strike Anywhere for representation. Sklar was born in Austin, Texas then went on to graduate from Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts. He moved to LA and worked as an assistant to a producer while making short documentaries, sketches, and spec spots in his free time. As these projects began to win contests, Sklar transitioned to become a professional commercial editor. This broad filmmaking education allowed him to wear both hats simultaneously as his directing career picked up steam, helming broadcast spots for Discover, Infiniti, Quicken Loans, and Under Armour; and editing and directing ads for brands including Johnson & Johnson, Allstate, Facebook, and Instagram.

Matt is known as a heartfelt creator who has a knack for capturing the essence of people with a relentlessly authentic approach. While his sensibilities are eclectic – spanning comedy, drama, documentary and narrative – all of his work is driven by the pursuit of universal truth through natural moments. Visually, the work is fluid and kinetic, or as Matt describes it, “emotion drives how I move the camera.”

When asked what kind of work he wants to pursue with the Strike Anywhere crew, Sklar points in the direction of comedy. “As much as I want to continue with documentary work and brand stories, I would also love to keep on exploring my comedic side. Working on humor-driven projects for Arlo and Pringles was such a blast, and I’d love to bring some more docu-spirit into scripted comedy. Branded or not, I just want to keep pushing towards what intrigues and enlightens me personally.”

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