08 - 2020

Erica Eng on Shots

Shots highlight Erica Eng’s career highlights to date and her signing with Strike Anywhere. “Eng is known for crafting visually dramatic films that feel powerful, rhythmic and emotionally charged.”

08 - 2020

Erica Eng directs The Measure of Greatness for P&G

#LeadwithLove campaign for Procter and Gamble directed by Erica Eng. The Measure of Greatness tells the stories of exceptional athletes who are leading their communities – not through their athletic performances, but through their compassion, humanity and love.

06 - 2020

Vanity Fair, CNN, Forbes, and more all in for Blackballed

“Miss The Last Dance? Blackballed is one of a number of sports-focused documentaries available for fans in the wake of the Michael Jordan event series. It’s also the best.” – Vanity Fair “As The Last Dance ends, Blackballed signals the NBA’s evolution as a cultural force.” – CNN “New Blackballed Documentary Shows The Importance Of…

05 - 2020

Brilliant Blackballed Review – Chicago Sun-Times

Blackballed premieres today on Quibi. Read Richard Roeper’s review in Chicago Sun-Times. “director Michael Jacobs does a brilliant job of revisiting the Sterling scandal in a rear view lens providing invaluable context.”

11 - 2019

Michael Jacobs directs Blackballed for Quibi

Blackballed, an unscripted series for Quibi moves forward with director Michael Jacobs.

10 - 2019

Banana Republic Wins at LAFF ’19

The Los Angeles Film Festival 2019 recently awarded Best Cinematography to the No Boundaries work for Banana Republic. Much deserved for Director Keenan Newman and DP Devin Whetstone. See the full listings here.

09 - 2019

New Wrangler Work

We had a rock n’ roll good time shooting this with Mother NY at the Standard Hotel on the Highline.

07 - 2019

Ryan Simon Shares for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

This feel-good campaign focuses on friends and loved ones sharing a sip of CBTL while enjoying summer.

06 - 2019

Matt Sklar Highlights Local Alerts for Facebook

Facebook’s Local Alerts feature helped residents get information during the floods in Northern California. This piece shot on location in Sonoma County tells their story.

05 - 2019

Ryan Simon Brings It Home for Unison

Director Ryan Simon was tapped by agency Cutwater for their first work with Unison. A new type of FinTech company helping people buy homes.