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Matt Sklar


Matt Sklar is a Texas-born, Florida-raised, current Angeleno whose eclectic upbringing has shaped him into a human swiss-army knife. From emotionally riveting work with a blend of heart and nuanced performance, to funny zingers with a quirky edge, Matt celebrates his versatility and honestly, you should too.

His recent short film Toast 2: After the Burn, received the distinct honor of a Vimeo staff pick. In 2023 Matt was selected amongst 50 international filmmakers to participate in PlayLab’s film workshop in the Yucatán jungle under the mentorship of Palm D’or winner Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

Want him to edit your piece too? Your dime, your dance floor. Need photos? He makes them. Need a bottle of homemade amaro? How about a loaf of sourdough? Tired of hearing about sourdough? He can stop talking about it. Done with all this bio-reading and ready to get to work? Let’s go.