Pete Marquis


Pete grew up an only child in the suburbs of Boston. And as early as third grade, he realized he was different. Not only was he the tallest in class, he was the only one listening to Keith Sweat. Somehow, no other eight-year-old he knew was doing that. Nobody, baby.

One could say all those R&B deep cuts made him grow up fast, so let’s skip to that part. The part after he graduates from NYU, works as a copywriter at BBDO NY and Wieden+Kennedy Portland, starts directing commercials, has some work go viral, moves to LA, totals a car, wins several awards, is named to Adweek’s Creative top 100 list, gets a cat, sells a half-hour comedy to Crackle about a water park, gets a dog, works with Bill Shatner, cries at the end of Step Brothers again, plays Snoop Dogg in Madden on Xbox and loses, eats a delicious breakfast burrito, lies in bed and opens Spotify – to the part when Keith Sweat comes on, and all those years later reminds him of his purpose in life. Which is this… Pete wants to tease you. Wants to please you. Wants to show you that he needs you. Who can love you like Pete? Nobody. Nobody. Nobody, baby.