06 - 2021

Pete Marquis’ Rocket Stunt Launches Miller to AdAge’s List of Top 5 Creative Brand Ideas

Not one to ‘hop’ on the bandwagon, Miller shared their real feelings about the seltzer craze by launching one of their own – straight into space. The Pete Marquis-directed ad stunt sparked worthy praise from consumers and press alike, being called ‘perhaps the bravest brand idea of the week’ by AdAge, alongside nods from AdWeek,…

06 - 2021

Akil Gibbons directed films highlight Open Mindedness on LinkedIn

Akil Gibbons goes one-on-one with LinkedIn, gathering insight and morsels of wisdom from a range of real-life businesspeople.

06 - 2021

Pete Marquis Leads Earthlings to Build an #OREOOffering

From a mysterious crop circle on a farm in Kansas, Pete Marquis leads OREO fans to build a peace offering for some extraterrestrial visitors. Muse by Clio featured the #OREOOffering saga (thankfully, the aliens accepted) Turns out they are are also fans of Earth’s number one cookie.

06 - 2021

Erica Eng’s Short Film “Americanized” Screening at 2021 Palm Springs International Shortfest

Erica Eng’s Oscar-qualified short film “Americanized” will be playing

05 - 2021

Pete Marquis & Mischief Sending A Seltzer to Space

We’re helping Miller Genuine Draft launch a seltzer ‘into oblivion’! Check out the Adweek feature on director Pete Marquis’ latest project with Mischief!

05 - 2021

Erica Eng Scratches a Winning Spot for the Virginia Lottery

Erica captures the thrill and joy of everyday wins in her latest spot for the Virginia Lottery, a fun collaboration with Richmond-based ad agency We Are Yebo.

05 - 2021

Pete Marquis Crafts a Cheeseburger Love Story for Wendy’s

Bourbon and beef, baby. Pete conjures the romance between an always timeless pairing for Wendy’s via VMLY&R.

04 - 2021

Hey Netflix, Play Something – Pete Marquis Reveals the Streaming Giant’s Latest Feature

Pete Marquis, you’re making the rest of us look lazy! Recently the Strike Anywhere director (and workaholic) linked up with the world’s leading streaming entertainment service (and everyone’s favorite actor Will Arnett) to unveil Play Something: an intuitive new feature that finds the perfect thing to watch based on what you love.

03 - 2021

Brian Baumgartner & Matt Sklar team up for National Chili Day

Director Matt Sklar and Edelman unveil Brian Baumgartner’s solution to the best national chili day for Bush’s Beans. The work and a discussion with Brian was featured on AdAge

02 - 2021

Erica Eng Lunar New Year Film for Panda Express with The Many

Los Angeles agency The Many tapped director Erica Eng to create a film that celebrates the traditions of Lunar New Year with Panda Express through the experience of good food, family and togetherness, especially those who might be unfamiliar with the holiday. Read Ad Age Creativity Editor’s Pick about the project.

02 - 2021

Marvel’s Behind the Mask directed by Michael Jacobs drops trailer & release date!

Set for release February 12th on Disney+ details emerge from Marvel about our exciting new film. Watch the trailer for Behind the Mask directed by Michael Jacobs.

01 - 2021

Ryan Simon directs Dear Mr. President Short Film

Producer Clair McGirr launches Dear Mr. President to showcase a series of Motion Poems films. The showcase includes award-winning filmmaker and poet collaborations from all over the world. Ryan Simon’s Everyday interprets Los Angeles poet laureate Robin Coste Lewis’ words to life in this moving film.

01 - 2021

Akil Gibbons Forces of Change for AT&T

Akil Gibbons debuts new episodes for AT&T series Forces of Change about the Black Scientific Renaissance. This series examines how society can create systems that uplift historically marginalized groups and posits that doing so can lead to breakthroughs that have the power to change the world.

12 - 2020

Pete Marquis rolls out SpaceJam2

Adweek features director Pete Marquis’ latest project SpaceJam2.com We can’t tell you more, you must experience it for yourself!

11 - 2020

Akil Gibbons joins Strike Anywhere

Shots showcases Akil Gibbons and we’re thrilled to continue working with him. “With a background in work for studios and networks, Gibbons’ powerfully affecting films educate and inspire while earning tens of millions of online views.”

11 - 2020

Strike Anywhere, Tan France and Facebook give Small Business a Boost

Strike Anywhere worked with Tan France and Facebook to help businesses across the UK. Garnering millions of impressions across Facebook Watch, IGTV, and YouTube —  Boost My Business highlights smart ways to grow and reach new customers.

09 - 2020

Erica Eng rolls with Nina Dobrev for Activia

Nina Dobrev, Daybreaker, and Activia kicked off a virtual dance party. Erica directed spots to announce the event and global initiative.

08 - 2020

Erica Eng on Shots

Shots highlight Erica Eng’s career highlights to date and her signing with Strike Anywhere. “Eng is known for crafting visually dramatic films that feel powerful, rhythmic and emotionally charged.”

08 - 2020

Erica Eng directs The Measure of Greatness for P&G

#LeadwithLove campaign for Procter and Gamble directed by Erica Eng. The Measure of Greatness tells the stories of exceptional athletes who are leading their communities – not through their athletic performances, but through their compassion, humanity and love.