03 - 2018

Austin Film Society Screens Influential SXSW Films

Michael Jacobs debut feature documentary Audience of One will screen this year as part of Austin Film Society’s 25 Years of Influential Cinema at SXSW.

02 - 2018

Comedic Director Aaron Beckum Joins Strike Anywhere!

Aaron’s work is known for being highly stylized, combining Scandinavian deadpan humor with a love of 1970s slapstick comedy. Visually, it is often characterized by lo-fi practical effects and selective color palettes. Beckum often asks himself, “If I were to pull a still at any moment in the piece, would that frame stand alone as…

12 - 2017

Beyond the Numbers for Infiniti

Strike Anywhere director Michael Jacobs goes Beyond the Numbers for Infiniti’s latest campaign.

05 - 2017

Michael Jacobs’ new 30 for 30 premieres at Tribeca

The spectacular rise and fall of the International Professional Volleyball Association, which existed between 1975–1980 complete with “party lifestyle,” rocking arena matches and stars on the court and in the stands, is chronicled in this Michael Jacobs-directed film.

05 - 2017

20th Century Fox and Scott Free release Phoenix Forgotten directed by Justin Barber

Director Justin Barber’s debut full-length feature film Phoenix Forgotten opened in theaters nationwide in April 2017. Produced by ScottFree and Cinelou Films and written by T.S. Nowlin and Justin Barber, Phoenix Forgotten is a found footage-style psychological thriller that tells the story of a documentary director searching for her brother and two other teens.

05 - 2017

Strike Anywhere helps Facebook Launch New Camera System

Facebook launched a new in-app camera that is packed with dozens of effects to help you share your story with style.

05 - 2017

Ryan Simon’s documentary The Black Jacket, now available on Netflix.

The Black Jacket focuses on radical peace practitioner and former Black Panther Aquil Basheer who trains students, many of whom are ex-gang members, to anticipate and diffuse violent and dangerous situations.